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Restoration of Baltic Atlantic sturgeon in Germany

NEW BRUNSWICK - After two years of exporting fertilized eggs, larvae and juveniles of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus) from Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc sturgeon-spawning hatchery in Carters Point on Saint John River, a new shipment of 1,000 juveniles will leave from our farm for the Society to Save the Sturgeon in Germany on Tuesday January 9th.

Some of our sturgeons were already restocked in rivers in Poland in 2005 and 2006 and our client from Germany intends to do the same in their Baltic Sea tributaries. The restoration programs for Baltic sturgeon began in 2002 following the publication in the prestigious journal "Nature" of the article "When the American sea sturgeon swam east", article that proved that the Atlantic sturgeon used to live in the Baltic Sea between 800-1,200 years ago.

Saint John River is the only place in the world where Atlantic sturgeon broodstock can be obtained through the existing commercial fishery and their population is in a very good shape as contrary to most of the world where the sturgeon stocks are depleted due to overfishing, pollution and damming of the rivers. Worldwide there are 27 species of sturgeon and all are threatened or endangered. It makes more and more sense that aquaculture can and will play an important role in saving them from extinction.

Dr. Cornel Ceapa, the owner and operator of Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar, has over 12 years of scientific and hands on experience in research, organizing hatcheries and spawning sturgeons in Europe and Canada. Dr. Ceapa has a "Magna Cum Laudae" sturgeon subject PhD in co-direction (Romania and France) and he masters the sturgeon aquaculture technology that he improved with his own experience during the last years. Dr. Ceapa was employed as a research associate at University of New Brunswick in Saint John, Canada and he also held an NSERC Industrial research post-doctoral fellowship at Grays Aqua Farms Ltd in Northampton, NB.

Sending sturgeon stocking-material for restoration programs in Baltic Sea highlights one of the important missions of our company - the one of helping the preservation and restoration of sturgeon species.

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