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Research Facility Mirrors Aquaculture Commitment

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VIET NAM - A new Vietnamese research facility has been launched by Novus, which they say shows their commitment to aquaculture development.

Novus International has launched a Research Center at Nong Lam University, Vietnam. The collaboration between Novus and Nong Lam University exemplifies Novus’ commitment to the sustainability of the industry through the development of healthy science-based, innovative products and programs for the aquaculture market.

Located at the Nong Lam University Campus in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the new 1,000 square meter research facility includes a fish hatchery with re-circulating tanks for Pangasius Basa catfish, tilapia and shrimp, a water process laboratory, feed processing laboratory and general laboratory with microbiology equipment and glass aquaria.

Thad Simons, President and Chief Executive Officer of Novus International, Inc, said, “With a growing population, approaching 86 million people, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. The current global financial crisis has slowed down economies including Vietnam but Novus is committed to Vietnam in the long term. This new research facility shows our commitment to aquaculture and to be our center of excellence for Novus worldwide."