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Reprofish Project Chairs at Aquaculture Europe 2008

EU - The Reprofish European FP6 project held a special day-long session at the recent international aquaculture event "Aquaculture Europe 2008", in Krakow, Poland (18th September).

This event attracted over 800 participants from 55 different countries, the focus this year being on the optimal use of natural, human and material resources for the sustainable development of aquaculture. The aim of the Reprofish contribution was to highlight the latest technical advances in fish reproduction control and identify the current knowledge gaps.

An audience of approximately 100 people attended the session, consisting mainly of scientists (researchers and students), but also some fish farming professionals. The topic of fish reproduction and sustainable aquaculture was covered via a rich array of presentations, outlining the latest scientific advances in the field. Subjects presented by the Reprofish project members ranged from the neuroendocrine control of reproduction to the project website and sustainable aquaculture. A special Polish guest speaker presented the control of fish reproduction within the Polish aquaculture industry. A round-table discussion wrapped up the day, allowing for an interesting exchange to take place between the participants.

The conclusion reached was that there exists a real difficulty in adapting scientific knowledge to the needs of the industry. A concerted effort is required on an international (European) scale in terms of maintaining genetic resources and coordinating research activities to improve our understanding of the integrative biology of a diversity of fish species. Science and industry must work together to find solutions for an aquaculture production that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.