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Registration Opens for Distance Learning Course on Feed Production

30 May 2014, at 1:00am

US - Registration is now open for the course, 'Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing' co-sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA).

Registration is now open for AFIA-500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing. The distance education programme is sponsored by the AFIA and Kansas State University (KSU), and is ideal for individuals at all levels interested in gaining a better understanding of the feed manufacturing process.

The e-learning programme is 100 per cent online and will run from 30 June to 1 August, allowing participants the freedom to work at their own pace while engaging in online discussions about the course material. AFIA-500 was developed by the feed technology group in KSU's department of grain science and industry.

Topics include the process flow from particle size reduction to batching and mixing, conditioning and pelleting, boilers, post-pellet systems, packaging and load-out and maintenance.

The course will be taught by Dr Charles Stark of KSU's Department of Grain Science & Industry, assisted by Brandi Miller, KSU, and Dr. Adam Fahrenholz of North Carolina State University's Prestage Department of Poultry Science. Fifty participants will be accepted into the programme.

To view the course syllabus, click here.

To register for the course, click here.

Keith Epperson, AFIA vice president of manufacturing and training, explained: "The programme will outline the basics of feed manufacturing, which is great for those new to the industry or for those who have been involved in feed for years and want a refresher.

"The instructors will discuss how the US feed industry has evolved over time and its current structure today as well as the different processing steps involved in feed manufacturing."

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