Red King Crab Study Launched

29 June 2012, at 1:00am

RUSSIA - A group of Russian scientists are to carry out a study to assess the stocks of red king crab in the coastal areas of the Barents Sea.

The study will form the basis on how the stocks will be managed from 2013.

The scientists will be examining the stocks of red king crab in a 12 mile zone in the Barents Sea and they will also be carrying out behavioural studies between 30 June and 20 July.

The deputy diector of PINRO, the body leading nthe study, Yuri Lepesevich, said they will be examining the numbers of young crabs, general stocks along the Kola Peninsula.

"The results of this survey are of great importance, since they will form the basis of measures to control production of crab in the coastal zone in 2013," Yuri Lepesevich said.