Red Crab Fishing Could Generate S200 Million

28 August 2013, at 1:00am

PERU - The Instituto del Mar del Peru (Imarpe) and the Ministry of Production will support a new fishery in the Peruvian sea for pelagic red crab, or lobster squart Carrot, (Pleuroncodes monodon).

The head of the sector, Gladys Triveño , said the aim is for economic exploitation of the fishery to begin in 2015, after exploratory studies of the fishery in 2014, reports El Comercio.

"In the first year landings could exceed S/.200 million. For the addition of value added products, this figure would increase," he added.

This species has never been exploited commercially in the country.

Preliminary studies for Production Technology Institute (ITP) have determined that this resource is a major source of proteins and lipids and can be used for fish and poultry feeds.