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Queens Panga, Shrimp Noodles First ASC, MSC Labelled Product in Dutch Stores

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NETHERLANDS - Sales of responsibly-sourced seafood are on the rise in the Netherlands. Now Dutch shoppers can enjoy even more choice as the first product carrying the ASC logo for responsible aquaculture and the MSC ecolabel for sustainable wild-catch hits the shops.

From this month, Queens Panga & Shrimp Noodles Red Curry, combining farmed pangasius and wild-caught shrimp, will be available in major retailers.

Harry Hoogendoorn, Queens’ managing director said: “At Queens we want to have all our fish and fish products from sustainable sources, farmed or wild caught. Currently, we are not yet succeeding 100 percent, but we are almost there. Four or our fish meals have an ASC- and/or MSC-label. We are proud to the first to bring the ‘Panga & Shrimp Noodles’ to the market with ASC certified pangasius and MSC certified cold water shrimp. We have supported the MSC and the ASC for a number of years, and we have been working closely with both organisations to promote the best choice in seafood for Dutch consumers.”

“We are thrilled to introduce a product that combines our goal for fish farming with little to no adverse impact on the environment and local communities with MSC’s work towards sustainable seas and oceans,” says Chris Ninnes CEO of ASC.

“ASC’s philosophy is to use efficient market mechanisms that create value across the chain. By cooperating with organisations such as MSC we can make it easier for consumers to make responsible and sustainable seafood choices. I would like to congratulate Queens for pioneering their product and supporting the industry’s drive toward environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices.”

Camiel Derichs, Regional Director Europe, says: ”It is great to see the MSC label and ASC logo together on a seafood product. It demonstrates that all fish in the product is originating from sustainable fisheries, and responsible aquaculture. Shoppers cannot miss it and it communicates a very strong and easy to understand message. The fact that Queens now offers this as a ‘world first’ is a testament to their pioneering spirit and commitment to sustainability“.