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Qatar to construct "super-intensive" shrimp farm

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The first super-intensive indoor shrimp farm in Qatar is being constructed by Blue Aqua International and ITQAN.

The 1000-tonne capacity facility will include a hatchery, grow-out modules and a microbiology lab and is located in Al Areesh – Shamal, in the north of Qatar.

Dr Farshad Shishehchian, CEO & Founder of Blue Aqua International, says that the project will showcase: “Blue Aqua’s knowhows in shrimp farming – including farming methods using the group’s patented Mixotrophic System and newest innovations including the utilisation of a green-to-clean recirculation aquaculture system and the AgroDome housing technology."

The companies state that the new partnership will leverage the combined strength of ITQAN’s operational competence and Blue Aqua’s technical knowledge in farming to bring about "a model farm for the region".

ITQAN chairman, Musallam Al-Nabit, said: “Qatar insists on absolute fidelity to excellence in all we do. The long due diligence to determine the company and system that will best safeguard our nation’s land and water resources was time and effort well spent. My pledge is that we will ensure every prawn our partnership produces will be the most exquisite the Qatari market will ever enjoy,”

Dr Shishehchian added: “We are very happy to share future successes with ITQAN and to have the opportunity to showcase our novel indoor farming technology. Blue Aqua International has developed a cost-productive super-intensive culture method and farm system design capable of efficient utilisation of water, energy and space – which are vital elements in our current economical and global landscape."