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Push To Develop Fish Farming In Central Province

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SRI LANKA - Aquaculture is being encouraged in Central Province, partly as a way to overcome malnourishment.

Measures have been taken to develop fish farming in the Central Province to enhance nutrition levels of the estate community, said National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA) Director General, P. Nimal Chandraratne.

According to Daily News of Sri Lanka, he said that comparatively people in the Central Province especially the estate and the rural communities are suffering from malnourishment because of shortage of fresh fish and not being able to afford of it. This project is based on three main objectives. They are to enhance the nutrition levels of the estate communities, to increase availability of fresh fish at affordable prices and to uplift the income levels of the rural community. Fish farming culture will be developed in estate tanks, ponds and the ponds that are to be constructed in suitable sites.

The research have proved that in Anuradapura fresh water fish consumption is 81 per cent, Plonnaruwa 73 per cent but Central Province fresh water fish consumption is 19 per cent.

Estate tanks which are in good condition will be stocked with suitable fish species and will be harvested. The abandoned ponds are to be rehabilitated before using them for fish farming. New ponds will be constructed in sites with requirements such as constant supply of water.