Punjab's Inland Saline Areas Have Big Potential for Aquaculture

20 February 2014, at 12:00am

INDIA - The waterlogged areas of the Malwa region of Punjab will be explored for inland saline aquaculture, said W S Lakra, director and vice-chancellor of Central Institute of Fisheries Education advocating it at the Progressive Punjab Agriculture Summit.

Mr Lakra said Punjab's large expanse of salt affected area has tremendous scope for inland aquaculture, reports TheTimesOfIndia.

"This land is unfit for sustainable agriculture crop besides surface-drainage system was uneconomic," he said.

"Culture of milkfish is being promoted as it has tolerance to variable salinities. The target of 3750 kg per hectare production per year has been achieved with culture of grey mullet touching 1320kg/per hectare/4 month production," he added.