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Prawnfresh On Show In Scotland

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SCOTLAND, UK - Prawn skippers and processors visiting the Scottish Skipper Expo in Aberdeen on 25 and 26 June will be able to see first hand the significant financial and health benefits of using Prawnfresh Plus as an effective and safer treatment than sodium metabisulphite in preventing blackspot or melanosis in prawns.

With the impact of the recession affecting exports and the home market, it is more important than ever that prawn (Nephrops) fishermen use every tool at their disposal to maximise the value of their catch.

The onset of ‘blackspot’ or melanosis in harvested prawns has long been recognised by UK fishermen and processors as a problem that impacts upon the price of the catch. Blackspot is a harmless and natural process caused by hormonal changes in the recently caught prawns that leads to unsightly dark markings on the shell, which in turn affects market value.

Traditionally, many fishermen have dipped their prawn catch into onboard tanks containing a sodium metabisulphite solution. However, there are many problems associated with the uncontrolled use of sodium metabisulphite, most notably its corrosive effect on plant and equipment on fishing vessels, as well as the resultant noxious sulphur dioxide fumes that have the potential to harm the health of crew and processing workers.

Increasing numbers of fishermen are now using Prawnfresh Plus as an alternative and more effective treatment. Prawnfresh Plus is sulphite free and therefore safe to use. It also delivers better results compared with sodium metabisulphite in melanosis prevention, resulting in a product that retains its natural quality, taste and appearance for much longer.

Scottish prawn skippers are finding that as well as reducing repair and maintenance bills, the use of Prawnfresh results in a significant decrease in the reject rate that equates to an increase in box price of approximately three to four pounds.

The active ingredient of Prawnfresh Plus is fully approved for use throughout all EU member states and the Nordic economic zone. Its application is straightforward and involves dipping the prawns into a tank containing saltwater with Prawnfresh.

John Davis, the managing director of Scottish based company Xyrex, which manufactures Prawnfresh Plus, says: “Prawnfresh Plus is a liquid solution designed to increase shelf life, whilst retaining the natural taste and appearance of prawns, thus eliminating the use of sodium metabisulphite. Skippers also recognise that the health of their crew is paramount and this is reflected in the growing number of fishermen now using this highly effective alternative treatment.”

Prawnfresh Plus will be on display at the Swan-net Gundry stand at the Scottish Skipper Expo.

In the north-east of Scotland, Prawnfresh is available though distributor, I & K Supplies in Fraserburgh, tel: 01346 510424.

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