Potohar Region Suitable for Fish Farming

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
28 November 2008, at 12:00am

PAKISTAN - The Potohar region is considered by experts to be most suitable for fish production in Pakistan due to its ideal atmosphere, abundance of rainwater and natural depressions.

The Rawalpindi district has eight small water reservoirs — Dongi Dam, Dhoke Sandaymar Dam, Khasala Dam, Nadali Dam, Misriot Dam, Faleena Dam, Oghan Dam and Jawa Dam, reports TheNews.

TheNews says that according to the Punjab Fisheries Department, the annual production of fish in the Potohar region is at least 1,000 kilograms per kanal. Talking to ‘The News,’ Rawalpindi District Fisheries Officer Asif Shah said, “The annual production of fish from eight dams is more than 4,000 tonnes, which we export to different countries and that is a major source of our revenue.”

He, however, admitted that the fish produced in these dams is not satisfactory as far as the ideal climate and the atmosphere of Potohar region is concerned.