Organic Aquaculture Export Standards Progress

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
22 September 2011, at 1:00am

US - George Lockwood, chairman of the Aquaculture Working Group on the US Department of Agriculture's National Organic Programme, reports that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is moving forward on rules for organic aquaculture in the US.

Until the final rules are handed down, countries exporting dog shrimp to the US may use the label "organic", if it has been approved by an official certification agency, but, they can not label it "USDA Certified" organic.

However, once official standards are handed down, foreign organic shrimp will have to be certified by the USDA.

Mr Lockwood comments: "I have been asked by the USDA to identify that people are shipping organic shrimp into the US."

If you are exporting organic shrimp to the US, Mr Lockwood would like to hear from you immediately, as 1 October, 2011, is the deadline for the USDA Organic Programme.