Number of Norwegian Fishermen Fell in 2015

8 January 2016, at 12:00am

NORWAY - At the end of 2015 there were 11,139 fishermen and 5,914 fishing vessels registered in Norway.

The number of fishermen fell by 1 per cent, while the number of fishing vessels remained relatively unchanged compared to the end of 2014.

The number of fishermen fishing as their main occupation fell from 9,386 in 2014 to 9,261 fishermen in 2015 (-1 per cent).

The number of women who registered fishing as their main occupation at the end of 2015 was 260, the same number as at the end of 2014.

Number of registered fishing vessels was reduced from 5,939 at the end of 2014 to 5,914 at the end of 2015. In size, the 10 to 11 meter group increased the number of vessels (32 vessels), whereas in the other size groups, a decrease in the number of vessels was recorded.

This preliminary overview was prepared by the Directorate of Fisheries Statistics Division.