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NPC And Aramco Cooperate On Environment

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SAUDI ARABIA - Senior executives of the National Prawn Company (NPC) and Aramco met in Al Lith on June 30 and reviewed possible areas of cooperation in the field of environmental management.

The discussions resulted in an agreement that NPC would meet Aramco experts in the near future to work with the oil giant and benefit from its long experience in the fields of knowledge management and environmental care, especially with respect to the marine environment.

The encounter took place as a result of a presentation given to Aramco executives, led by Ahmed Al-Saadi, Aramco’s Vice President of Pipeline, Distribution and Terminal division, who had gathered at NPC’s huge site for a mid-year meeting to assess the performance of the division in the Western Province and identify the goals achieved during the past six months.

After the meeting, Engineer Ahmad Bin Rasheed Al Balaa of NPC delivered a special presentation about the company, its views on the development of the prawn industry and their strategic plans for the future. It was followed by a discussion between executives of the two companies concerning the facilities and the quantities of energy bought and consumed currently by NPC from Aramco-owned distribution stations in the region, and the growth trends of this during the years to come.

NPC is currently engaged on a huge expansion project that when complete in a few years will cover an area of about five times the size of Bermuda and see the company’s output of top quality prawns soar to over 40,000 tons per annum.

On the second day, the whole delegation was escorted on a tour to see NPC’s operations and the different stages of production. The Aramco executives praised the growth and results achieved by NPC, whilst noting the effort being made to diversify the Saudi economy.