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Novus Dedicates Aquaculture Research Center to Nong Lam University

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VIET NAM - Novus International has completed dedication of the Aquaculture Research Center (ARC), located on campus in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, to Nong Lam University (NLU).

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Established in 2008, in collaboration with NLU, the formerly named Novus Aquaculture Research Center (NARC) provides cutting edge research facilities for shrimp and fish nutrition and health. With experimental scale extruded feed production and fish culture systems, NARC has provided a platform for the demonstration of more sustainable feed formulation strategies which enhance return on investment for feed manufacturers and farmers.

“The growing body of research conducted in the areas of fish nutrition and health at this facility has resulted in multiple publications and presentations moving the entire body of aquaculture nutrition research forward,” remarked François Fraudeau, Novus International Inc., President and CEO during the dedication on the NLU campus.

“Novus is proud of our legacy of collaboration among industry and academic sectors and our commitment of these resources to the University reinforces our goals for betterment of the industry.”

Research has been focused on the most important species in the Asia Pacific region including Catfish, Tilapia, Carp, Asian Sea Bass and shrimp. NARC researchers developed and applied bioassay systems which measure differential responses to disease challenges as well as fundamental research on immune and oxidative stress response parameters, including gene expression studies, that provided sensitive biomarkers of fish health.

During the collaboration 11 M.S. students completed thesis work at NARC in close collaboration with researchers from the Department of Fisheries at NLU. Novus’s commitment to developing future industry leaders is underscored by the Novus Graduate scholarship and World Aquaculture Society (WAS) Internship Program that selected students annually to participate in ongoing research contributing to the next generation of aquaculture scientists.

“We are grateful for our long collaboration with Novus in development of the ARC and the many projects that focused on the most important aquaculture species in the Asia Pacific region,” noted Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Hay, President of NLU.

“We are excited to move forward with the Aquaculture Research Center, building on the platforms we established in collaboration with Novus. This facility helps us do research on issues facing our local aquaculture industry and gives students the chance to work with the most current equipment available today.”

This dedication finalises the planned transition of the facility to NLU ahead of schedule.