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Novartis: 10 Years Of Aquaculture Innovation


NORWAY - Novartis Animal Health, Inc. (NAH) highlighted a key milestone in its history at the AquaNor congress in Trondheim, Norway 10 years of innovation and leadership in the aqua industry.

In commemorating that milestone, NAH also announced its latest expansion and investment plan to the aquaculture press attending the conference and affirmed its commitment to industry leadership into the future.

As noted by Chief Operating Officer Folkert Kamphuis at the event, NAH has brought new vaccine technology to the industry over the past decade, as well as much needed vaccine solutions.

Its multi-million dollar investments during that period illustrate the longterm view of NAH to the continued development and growth of the aquaculture industry.

"The acquisition by NAH in December 1999 of Vericore Holdings led to our stake in Cobequid Life Science, Inc. and ultimately to the formation of the Novartis Aqua business in January 2001," Mr Kamphuis said.

"We have invested much more since then based on our belief that the aquaculture industry has a very bright future and will play an increasingly important role in meeting societys growing need for quality, farm-raised fish products."

During its decade in aquaculture, NAH Research & Development efforts have delivered important industry breakthroughs, which include:

  • The first marketing authorisation for an Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) vaccine in North America
  • The first commercialised vaccine to prevent Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) in Chile
  • The first licensed nucleic acid vaccine (NAV) for use in fish, with the APEX-IHN vaccine being the first effective vaccine to prevent Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis (IHN)

"In addition to these innovative firsts, Novartis Animal Health has invested in meeting industry needs in other ways," Mr Kamphuis said.

"We recognise that working together with industry partners, both in academia and among our customers, is critical to driving successful aquaculture research and bringing new solutions to the market."

Two recent examples of these investments promise to keep NAH on the forefront of innovation in the aquaculture industry. One is the 2009 sponsorship by NAH of the Novartis Chair of Fish Health at the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI).

The other, announced within the past several months, is the commitment by NAH to support the recently established Sea Lice Research Centre (SLRC) in Bergen, Norway.

Both of these opportunities, as well as others like them, will benefit both NAH and the aquaculture industry in the long run.

"Novartis Animal Health believes that we can be a strong and valuable industry partner in addressing the challenges facing the industry," Mr Kamphuis concluded.

"We look forward to more opportunities to support advancements and innovative solutions to management challenges."