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Nofima in Feed Development with Alltech

6 July 2012, at 1:00am

NORWAY - The Norwegian food research institute Nofima has entered into a strategic partnership with Alltech. The development of feed for aquaculture is the main goal of the collaboration.

American Alltech aims to achieve a turnover of 25 billion. Increased efforts in aquaculture is seen as a key factor in achieving this goal, and Research Director Karl Dawson, Alltech to point out the importance of long-term research collaboration with the foremost institutions in the world.

"The salmon industry faces challenges that require the industry to cooperate with researchers who work with long-term solutions. This agreement enables us to intensify work on alternative feed sources, which is a salmon industry's biggest challenges," says Dawson.

In particular, the use of microalgae in diets for fish that will be the subject of cooperation. Alltech Algae in Kentucky is one of the largest algae factories in the world, where there is extensive research to find solutions for the use of algae for animal feed.

"Norwegian researchers have unique expertise in aquaculture, and we look forward to working with world class environment in pursuit of our innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry," says Mr Dawson.

For Nofima, an industrial department, the contract is an important step in efforts to increase cooperation with leading Norwegian and international industry players. The agreement extends over several years, ensuring that cooperation not only develop the industry, but also provides a potential for the development of science.

"Nofima covers the entire value chain in aquaculture, from breeding and genetics to the sales and marketing. It makes us unique, and is important to understand how development in one end of the supply chain affects the rest. It is also imperative that we find solutions for the aquaculture industry that not only works at the moment, but that is also sustainable over time. This collaboration has the potential for this type of innovation, and we look forward therefore to working with such a great player like Alltech," says yvind Fill-Jensen, CEO of Nofima.

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