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New Species of Catfish Discovered

BRAZIL - Brazilian scientists have found two new species of catfish which are described in the latest issue of the journal Neotropical Ichthyology.

Wolmar Wosiacki and Mário de Pinna have called one of the new species - a big headed catfish - Trichomycterus igobi.

It was found in the Iguaçu River, a tributary of the Paraná River in southern Brazil.

Trichomycterus igobi is distinguishable from all other species currently in the genus by its extremely large head, which is proportionally the largest head in any Trichomycteridae.

That characteristic plus the relatively deep body result in a very short-bodied overall aspect, the most extremely such case in the genus Trichomycterus.

Another new specs, a subterranean catfish from the rio Tocantins basin in Central Brazil is described in the journal by the scientists Maria Elina Bichuette and Eleonora Trajano.

Ituglanis mambai is described from a cave in the Mambaí karst area, State of Goiás, Central Brazil.

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