New Space Opened Up for Aquaculture in Tasman

5 June 2015, at 1:00am

NEW ZEALAND - About 2000 ha of new space will be available for aquaculture in Tasman following a decision from the Ministry of Primary Industries which considered the latest information about the fishery.

In 2008, the then Ministry of Fisheries made a decision to approve 850ha of the proposed Aquaculture Management Areas (AMAs) for the development of aquaculture in Tasman.

The decision was challenged by industry in the High Court and Court of Appeal, and a judgment in 2013 directed MPI to reconsider aspects of its decision.

MPI was directed to re-examine the potential effects of the AMAs on the local scallop fishery. The Courts gave MPI specific directions to help guide the new decision.

“Following the judgement in 2013, we ran an extended consultation with those affected by the original decision to ensure we had a good understanding of everyone’s point of view. We also took the opportunity to review the latest science about the fishery,” said MPI’s deputy director Scott Gallagher.

“This decision reflects marked changes to both the scallop populations and the commercial scallop fishing industry since 2008. It will effectively open up about 2000ha of new space for aquaculture in Tasman Region.

“MPI will continue to work with all affected stakeholders to get the best result for this important fishery.”