New Seabass Nodavirus Vaccine Begins Commercial Field Trials

19 July 2016, at 1:00am

UK - Commercial field trials are now underway for a new generation aquaculture vaccine from Benchmark.

The vaccine is the first in a series of Benchmark's new vaccines targeted at the €300m Mediterranean seabass market and aims to provide producers with an effective control of Nodavirus - a disease that impedes growth and causes high production losses. There was previously no effective treatment available for this endemic disease.

The trials will see a significant number of leading producers use the new vaccine 'on-farm' at commercial scale ahead of market authorisation, a process which typically takes 9 to 12 months.

Full development of the product has been undertaken in-house through exploiting the Group's R&D expertise, vaccine manufacturing capability and aquaculture trials facilities to ensure a streamlined and secure development process.

Nodavirus also affects several other farmed aquaculture species including Turbot, Barramundi and Grouper, and Benchmark now plans to provide these sectors with a similar solution. The development process for producing this vaccine for seabass can now be readily adapted to bring forward vaccines for these other species.

Malcolm Pye, Benchmark's CEO commented: "This is another key milestone for Benchmark and is testament to our increased capability, as we continue to invest in our manufacturing capacity and technology, to open up new markets for the company by solving major challenges for our customers. This product represents a significant first for the Company, as the full development process including research, design, development and manufacturing, has been delivered entirely in-house by our specialist teams."