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New Regulations To Increase Costs

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CHILE - According to the chairman of SalmonChile, Csar Barros, the recently approved General Law on Fisheries and Regulation (LGPA) implies modifications that require investments within the salmon industry more than US$500 million and will increase costs by 30 per cent.

In addition, Mr Barros explained that profit margins will decrease 30 per cent, although he added that these calculations are only approximate, reports FishfarmingXpert.

When asked about how to obtain those resources, he explained to the newspaper El Mercurio “There were already investors looking at the industry and once the regulation is approved, their perceptions improved but there is still a lot to do, that is why this delay was so critical since it is a part of a process. This is not the end but just part of the chain. We already pass through a critical moment and we are moving ahead towards the upcoming ones.”

Asked if he had discussed the matter with the new government, he said said an early introduction to the new regulations is required, particularly enlarging the Appropriate Areas for Aquaculture (AAA) but not to increase the number of concessions. The aim should be to increase the distance between farming sites, he concluded.