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New Offshore Aquaculture Trade Organisation Reveals New Board

US - The Ocean Stewards Institute - a newly established offshore aquaculture trade organisation for the Americas, has announced its first board of directors.

It comprises:

  • Brian O’Hanlon, president of Snapperfarm
  • Neil Anthony Sims, president of Kona Blue Water Farms
  • Patricia Parisi, communications manager, King’s Seafood Company
  • Chris Beattie, product manager, Skretting
  • Sean O’Scannlain, president and CEO of Fortune Fish Company
  • David Tze, managing director of Aquacopia Capital Management

Scope and Expertise

The organisation says the new board represents the tremendous scope of the emerging offhsore fish farming industry. It will guide the organisation through what it sees as a "critical" year ahead and the Institute in its mission to promote wider recognition and support for sustainable open ocean aquaculture in the Americas - and beyond.

Key objectives include: continuing advocacy for US federal legislation to establish consistent, nationwide regulations and research funding for the growth of offshore aquaculture in US EEZ waters; furthering the establishments of rigorous standards for sustainability certification open ocean operations; and building stronger public/consumer awareness of the environmental, economic, and health imperatives for considered, rational development of open ocean aquaculture.

The OSI maintains that environmentally sound open ocean aquaculture offers a potential solution to increasing the consistency and quality of seafood supplies, without increasing pressure on ocean fisheries.

“Each of our talented board members is dedicated to building a broad coalition of support for the development of a sustainable, environmentally sound offshore industry,” said Neil Anthony Sims, founding board member.

Key Goals

The Institue has a number of key aims. Among them:

  • To provide leadership in setting standards of sustainability, humane treatment and healthfulness of products from open ocean fish farms, in order to meet the expectations of the community and the consumer about our operations within the public domain.
  • To have Industry representation in testimony on the Offshore Aquaculture Bill, to encourage rational, considered development of open ocean aquaculture in Federal waters.
  • To advocate for increased offshore aquaculture research funding and development assistance on the Federal level.
  • To work with Federal agencies and environmental organizations to set standards for certification of sustainability.
  • To establish a forum for consideration of industry-related issues such as diving standards, and insurance, and providing access to information on equipment and products.
  • To provide input to other planned developments or uses of open marine waters.
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