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New Feed Launched for Bluefin Tuna

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AUSTRALIA - Ridley Corporation has developed a new feed that a commercial trial has proved to boost growth of young southern bluefin tuna.

Feed and salt supplier, Ridley Corporation Ltd, has successfully developed a new feed for captured tuna, which the company says boosts the size of the fish better than other diets, reports Business Day.

The company, which supplies feed products to the agriculture and aquaculture industries, has announced the results of its feed trial for southern blue fin tuna.

Ridley said a commercial-scale trial on 'catch and grow' southern blue fin tuna had been conducted on the premises of Clean Seas Tuna Ltd at Port Lincoln in South Australia.

The trial showed that a formulated, factory-made feed product could be used exclusively to feed juvenile southern blue fin tuna from capture through to harvest size and achieve growth rates superior to traditional frozen wild fish diet rates.