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New Catfish Species Found

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SUMATRA - A new species of catfish has been discovered in Sumatra.

According to the scientific journal Zootaxa the Parakysis hystriculus was discovered in the Lalang River drainage in southern Sumatra.

Zootaxa says it can be distinguished from otehrs in the species in having a combination of branched pelvic-fin rays with anterior branch always shorter than posterior branch, lateral edges of head evenly sloping in dorsal view, anteriormost pair of accessory inner mandibular barbels longer than distance separating bases of left and right barbel, outer mandibular barbel with one accessory barbel, mandibular laterosensory pore between bases of inner and outer mandibular barbels present, margin of lower lip with medial concavity, anal fin rounded, caudal fin with narrow lobes having evenly-tapering posteromedial margins and 10 branched rays without secondary branches.

The species inhabits peat swamp waters.

Further Reading

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