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New Bill to Cut Fiji Shrimp Imports

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FIJI - Fiji imports $29-30 million worth of shrimps to satisfy demand in the tourism sector, but now a new shrimp import bill is aiming to prompt calls for local production.

Principal Fisheries Officer Malakai Tuiloa addressing the need for more investment in the freshwater sector said this figure can be greatly reduced if the private investor works with the government to revive the initiative, reports FijiVillage.

Addressing a group of Taiwanese Investors, Tuiloa said the industry is not successful in the country as Fiji is not able to supply the proper feed and fingerlings.

Referring to the successful Golden Clam project in Taiwan that has seen Taiwan become the world leaders in Shrimp export, Tuiloa said that with the availability of land and clean and disease free waters, Fiji could see other industries benefitting.