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New Bangladeshi Law to Control Fish Imports

3 February 2014, at 12:00am

BANGLADESH - The Bangladeshi government has drafted a law to better control the import of fish into the country.

The law is expected to protect the country's fish and aquatic biodiversity from alien diseases brought to the country in infected fish.

Damage has already been done to shrimp and tilapia in the country due to the entry of live fish without quarantines, reports the DailyStar.

The Department of Fisheries has drafted the law, Fish Quarantine Act 2014, to develop facilities at ports to test imported live fish, aquatic animals and fish products before clearance.

The draft law also states that no fish can be imported without permission from the authorities. Importers will also require certificates relating to the matter.

The draft law is currently seeking feedback from stakeholders and will be finalised soon.


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