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NC University invests in new fish facility

US - The University North Carolina is investing in aquaculture. Its Wilmington Centre at Wrightsville is to have a new facility for its Marine Science Aquaculture Program.

The new building, which will be funded by the UNCW, will cover 2,600 square feet. It will include a fish food preparation area, an office, research spaces and restrooms. Tanks for accommodating fish for research puposes will be built below the workspace and water supplies will be drawn from Banks Channel and piped to the area.

Frank Nye, project manager, said the department must vacate its current premises within 12 months and so the building is vitally important if the faculty is to continue its research programme. About 15 people currently work at the facility, including part-time students.

The Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen, who approved the construction, has also requested that asked that site is improved aesthetically with landscaping.

The area is in need of regeneration and this project will enable the University to expand its premises and benefit the locality.