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Mussel Powder Benefits Arthitis Sufferers

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NEW ZEALAND - Clinical trial results have confirmed the benefits of Aroma NZ green shell mussel health extract for arthritis sufferers.

Christchurch green shell mussel powder producer Aroma NZ has commissioned a clinical trial which has found significant relief for arthritis sufferers from their mussel supplement.

A University of Queensland clinical study has just recently confirmed a 59 per cent relief for arthritis sufferers who took mussel power product during a landmark eight-week trial.

The university’s School of Medicine was commissioned to investigate the therapeutic efficacy and to firmly establish the substantial benefit of green shell mussel extract to improve pain and joint mobility in a group of 21 men and women aged between 41 and 87 diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees.

The primary clinical investigators for the project Luis Vitetta and Samantha Coulson said previous reports on the use of freeze-dried New Zealand green shell mussel for treating osteoarthritis had been inconsistent with no conclusive evidence. So such significant results were not expected from the pilot trial.

“A key contributor to the results was the quality and purity of the stabilised mussel from Aroma NZ and the extract’s preservation of therapeutic activity,” Mr Vitetta and Ms Coulson said.

Participants in the trial told them they were satisfied with the clinical results, particularly with significant reduction in pain. The researchers said the response from patients taking the mussel capsules was encouraging, with most not wanting to stop the trial. The results demonstrated that GlycOmega-Plus significantly reduced joint pain by 59 per cent.

Aroma NZ director Ben Winters says they always knew green shell mussel powder gave great results to people and animals who suffered from joint pain and inflammation.

“This was the result we were looking for and confirms that our green shell mussel product definitely contains significant antiinflammatory properties. We are so encouraged by these new clinical results that we plan to carry out larger clinical trials on people. Larger trials with placebo will carry more weight when pitching to pharmaceutical companies.

"We’re also looking to carry out a large dog study to prove that our mussel powder improves joint mobility in arthritic dogs. We are investing heavily in research and development and work closely with Plant and Food Research on our marine nutraceuticals. Providing solid clinical data sets us apart from our competition as well as being able to supply large volumes all year round. We have the largest freeze drying plant in the southern hemisphere with eight freeze driers.”

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