MSD Animal Health hosts fish health workshops

14 March 2016, at 12:00am

UK - The team from MSD Animal Health, the market leader in aquaculture welfare, hosted three events across Scotland, to share results of its latest fish health monitoring programmes.

The programmes which include AQUAVAC Monitor have demonstrated successful outcomes in supporting producers to maintain fish health within their farmed environments.

Attended by representatives from the aquaculture industry in Orkney, Shetland and Oban, the workshops discussed particular animal health products available to fish farms in Scotland and issues affecting these farms, including environmental policy, economic policy and the wider political environment.

Dafydd Morris, Business Manager of Aquaculture at MSD Animal Health, said: “Hosting these workshops was an excellent opportunity to meet and hear from those working in the industry throughout Scotland.”

“Salmon represents over 97 per cent of farmed fish production and suppliers, producers and academics need to work closely together to maintain good fish health while remaining alert to disease challenges that remain prevalent in aquaculture.”

“During the workshop we discussed best practice in sea lice control and vaccination protocols, as well as other challenges currently facing the industry.”

“Speaking to the producers experiencing these issues first-hand is always best, and helps reinforce our commitment to support fish farmers to ensure their stock remains as healthy as possible.”

In Shetland, guest speaker Tavish Scott MSP underlined the vital role aquaculture plays in the region, with the industry there alone, generating over £150 million for both local and national economy.

Tavish Scott MSP said: “Salmon farming supports more than 1000 jobs in Shetland. It is worth more than £150 million to the local and national economy. The industry is a strong and vital part of Shetland.”

“The Scottish Government set a target of raining production by 50 per cent by 2020. To achieve that and contribute hugely to Scotland’s food and drink exports, government must get the right balance on regulation. That includes licenses for fish medicines when they are needed and the cleaner fish research which is an exciting development for the industry.”

Rhoda Grant MSP, attended the workshop in Oban, echoing Tavish’s message of the value of aquaculture to Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and Islands.

She said: “It was a pleasure to address the Conference in Oban. Fish Farming is a vital industry in the Highlands and Islands, it provides good quality permanent jobs, something that is in short supply throughout the area.”

“We must also support this industry and help it diversify into other species to ensure a good supply of healthy fish to improve the Scottish diet.”

MSD Animal Health products include SLICE® - #1 market leader feed premix targeting sea lice in salmon smolts and NORVAX® Compact PD – treatment for Pancreas Disease in freshwater salmon.