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Mozambique Courts US Shrimp Market

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MOZAMBIQUE - The authorities in Mozambican are trying to break into the US market to sell shrimp following the decline of the market in the European Union.

The shrimp export market has been a valuable asset for Mozambique earning around $1 billion over the last decade and a half accordign to reports in teh Mozambique newspapers.

But now the price has collapsed on the EU market by up to $10 a kilo for Mozambique shrimp down to $6 a kilo, the reports from MediaFAX say.

Shrimp has been Mozambique’s biggest export in several years, such as in 1994 and the five following years.

In 2008, around 5,400 tonnes of shrimp were caught and exported, as compared to almost 9,000 tonnes exported in 2000, which were mainly sent to Spain, Portugal and France.