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Mauritius Aquaculture Masterplan Goes Green

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MAURITIUS - Mauritius has become a hot spot for the investment in aquaculture and mariculture industry.

There is no doubt that Mauritius for its quality eco-friendly environment aquaculture and mariculture can be a big boost in the unpolluted Indian Ocean off the coast, said AllAfrica.

According to the report, Mauritius is positioning itself as prime location for sustainable aquaculture in view of the positive conclusions of the Aquaculture Master Plan. One of the main findings of the Master Plan is that there is potential for an annual production of 29,000 tonnes of fish in the medium term and 39,000 tonnes of fish in the long term.

This become possible after a successful attempt by the private sector to produce red drum, sea bream and rabbit fish in floating cages on a relatively large commercial scale. The legal framework has thus been introduced to create the right environment for potential investors. The government of Mauritius has a particular strategy regarding aquaculture such as

  • Investors are encouraged to go for high-value farmed fish with an "eco/organic" branding.
  • The number of sites is limited to better monitor the farms and ensure quality products.
  • In the medium term, the government is working towards a unique brand for fish farmed in a sustainable way in the pristine water of Mauritius that will be internationally recognized.

It is said that the new legislation chose six sites in the South-East lagoon of Mauritius that have been declared as a fish farming zone and are today available for fish farming projects, reports AllAfrica. The Master Plan has mainly privileged species already under culture, namely red drum (Sciaenops Ocellata) and cordonnier (Singanus Sutor). Cobia is another recommended species due to its fast growth. Except for cordonnier the other species fetch high prices on the world market i.e. from 7 to 12 US$/kg for the final product.

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