Marine Harvest to Cut 100 Jobs in Scotland

21 January 2016, at 12:00am

SCOTLAND, UK - Marine Harvest has reported that it will be cutting 100 jobs in Scotland due to a restructure of Marine Harvest Scotland in order to make the business more efficient and sustainable.

Marine Harvest also reported its harvest volumes for the fourth quarter of 2015 which totaled 111,000 tonnes, slighlty below the projected 115,000 tonnes.

The farming operations in Norway reported 67,000 tonnes, Scotland 14,000 tonnes, Canada 9,000 tonnes and Chile 15,000 tonnes.

A further 6,000 tonnes can from other operations.

The company also reported that operational EBIT was approximately NOK 850 million in Q4 2015 (NOK 1,032 million in Q4 2014).

Start-up costs at the Rosyth processing plant in Scotland have been higher than previously expected and have as such impacted results negatively by approximately NOK 70 million in Q4 2015.