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Low Fish Landings Keep Fish Prices High

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INDIA - Though the fishing season has started a while back, low fish landings due to bad weather has kept the fish rates high in the domestic market.

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Though there are large landings of pink perch and cuttle fish and a little quantity of ribbon fish coming in, most of it is exported as there is no domestic demand for those fish, reports TimesOfIndia.

The demand here is for high value fish like seer, pomfret, tiger prawns and low value fish like mackerel and sardines, which have not come in large quantities after fishing season started.

Fisheries deputy director Suresh Kumar Ullal says that Purse Sieners which bring high value fish including mackerel and sardines will start their operations from September 1. The major reason is - non availability of fishermen as they have been on the 'nada donis' fishing near harbour area and secondly the silt problem at the bar mouth.

"The bar mouth is silted due to south west monsoon. When south wind changes the silt problem gets cleared which will happen in September," he said.

Also, he noted that deep sea fishing vessels have not returned to Old Port due to the prevailing bad weather since the past three days.

Pink perch arrived in large quantities on Monday with 25 deep sea boats getting 10 tons of catch each. Even the cuttle fish catch was on an average one ton per boat. Also, lizard fish and ribbon fish have also landed.

While deep sea vessels fish in waters beyond 40 nautical miles from shore, purse sieners fish within 10-15 nautical miles, where high value fish is available in plenty.

In the market, small pomfrets weighing about 100 grams each cost Rs 400- 450 per kilogram; while those weighing 200 grams per piece cost above Rs 550 per kilogram. The mackerel rates have shot up from Rs 130 per kilogram seen last week to Rs 160 to Rs 175 per kilogram.