Aquaculture for all

Little fish, big money

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - It will not only bring about a revolution in the aquaculture industry, but create a sense of security for people living in rural communities across the country.

Projections indicate that tilapia cultivation will create jobs, improve foreign exchange, provide food security and even reduce rural to urban migration.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources as part of its Agricultural Sector Reform Programme commissioned a team to conduct a competitive analysis of 10 major non-traditional exported and produced commodities in Trinidad and Tobago and to advise on the structure for agribusiness development. Tilapia cultivation was high on the list.

Although investigations revealed that farmers were likely to experience a deficit in the first few years of cultivation, the long-term rewards were tremendous. By all indications, tilapia cultivation proved to be a viable business venture.

Herman Lee King, chairman of the Tilapia Commodity Committee (TCC), said his organisation's aim was to find suitable farmers and train them to become good managers of tilapia farms.

Source: Trinidad & Tobago Express