Life Made Easy with Jefo Feed Additives

17 February 2016, at 12:00am

GLOBAL - Jefo is a global leader in the field of non-medicated performance feed additives. Founded in Canada in 1982 by Jean Fontaine, B.Sc., agr., Jefo has grown exponentially over the years, with its products now sold in 57 countries.

From the beginning, Jefo has concentrated on innovation – understanding and contributing to the science, economics and practices of livestock production and management.

Today, Jefo is a world leader and global partner in the field of feed additives, with its pioneering, cost-saving and efficient solutions, that also promote sustainable development.

Feed Additives with a new philosophy: Life, made easier.
Life. It’s health. It’s reproduction. Calving, farrowing, laying, hatching.
It’s milk. It’s growth. It’s animals feeding the hands that feed them.
Jefo is a circle of life.