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Langosmar Organic Shrimp in Domestic Distribution Deal

CALIFORNIA - At a time when the shrimp industry is under public scrutiny, Blue Horizon Organic is pioneering a model that is both socially and ecologically responsible. The company has just announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Langosmar S.A. of Guayaquil, Ecuador, making Blue Horizon the only company to domestically carry and distribute Langosmars sustainably-raised shrimp.

"We’re delighted to source shrimp that is the product of the highest standards in the industry, with shrimp certified by Naturland, QCS and Eco Cert.," Blue Horizon’s Chief Executive Officer John Battendieri said.

"Not only does the company run an environmentally conscious farm operation with several quality certifications, it cares for its employees who take a great deal of pride in the work they do."

Blue Horizon’s shrimp is carefully raised in Naturland-certified ponds. Naturland, based in Germany, is the leader in organic aquaculture certification and screens operations all around the world. It utilizes a top tier model for organic seafood farming. It prohibits growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives (such as STTP) and artificial colorings, and it factors in water quality, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and fair worker standards. The comprehensive set of guidelines is intended to make Naturland-certified seafood products the healthiest, safest and most socially responsible choice.

Shrimp from Langosmar is found in Blue Horizon’s prepared, frozen entrees and appetizers sold at retailers throughout North America; it is also retailed in Blue Horizon-brand individual quick frozen (IQF) bags, and it is sold through the company’s private label and foodservice channels.

Langosmar is known for its premium, sweet-tasting Vanamei (white) shrimp. The company has been farming and processing shrimp in Ecuador for more than 25 years. Langosmar founder and president, Dr. Alejandro Aguayo-Cubillo, is passionate about his shrimp-raising methods. He started building shrimp ponds on "salitrales" — high land surrounded by mangroves and estuaries.

Battendieri recently visited Langosmar’s processing plant and farm to observe its practices firsthand. He noted in light of pending certified organic aquaculture recommendations from the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board Task Force, he was pleased to note that Langosmar shrimp feed on naturally occurring phytoplankton and zooplankton originated in their own rich ecosystem; the shrimp operation is surrounded by thousands of hectares of carefully-stewarded mangroves that naturally foster this food chain.

"We look forward to working with Blue Horizon to build the US market for chemical-free shrimp that is safe for both the consumer and the environment," Aguayo-Cubillo said.

Blue Horizon maintains certifications from Naturland and QAI across its full line of products, and has worked with concerns such as the National Fisheries Institute and the National Organic Program Task Force to help pave the way for forthcoming organic USDA aquaculture standards. The USDA has not yet formally published standards for organic aquaculture, and the State of California does not allow the labeling of seafood as organic until the USDA publishes a standard. Langosmar shrimp complies with draft standards in review, including stringent organic feed rules, and will be among the first sources to be certified once a formal USDA standard is published.

Blue Horizon was founded in 2005 to help protect the health and supply of aquatic ecosystems, and bring consumers a better choice in seafood.