Island scallop farm subject to review

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
2 May 2007, at 1:00am

CANADA - The proponent for what would be the largest scallop farm in British Columbia has appeared before Regional District of Nanaimo directors to provide an update on plans for the proposed 125-hectare farm at Baynes Sound near Bowser.

The water off Baynes Sound, seen here from shore, is being eyed for a large scallop farm.

The project’s size and scope has many locals up in arms, but Barb Bunting of Island Scallops aimed to quell concerns.

“A scallop farm already exits there. We’ve applied for an amendment to the management plan to allow use of suspension methods," she said. "There are no adjacent landowners and the area is already zoned for aquaculture. The only thing on the surface of the water will be navigation buoys.”

Bunting said a similar, but larger proposal had received approval in New Zealand. “In other parts of the world it’s just not an issue,” she said.

An environmental professional has looked at the site and the proposals and does not beleive that the farm will create any serious problems.

Tom Bird a resident of Bowser said he had misgivings. The farm is quite long and wide, he said.

Source: The News