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IPN Virus Affecting Fish in Kemijoki River Basin

8 October 2012, at 1:00a.m.

FINLAND - This year the Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN) virus has been found in six different aquaculture establishments in Finnish inland waters.

The latest infected establishment was found in the Kemijoki river basin. IPN virus is found in Finnish marine areas every year, but it has been rare in inland waters up to now.

Over 2012, all occurrences of IPN virus in Finnish inland areas have been the same virus stock, which has low pathogenic capacity. Although the fish carry the virus, they do not necessarily suffer symptoms, nor has there been any significant increase in mortality.

The IPN virus spreads easily to different fish species and aquatic organisms and withstands a variety of environmental conditions.

The spread of fish diseases through roes can generally be prevented by disinfecting the roe, but IPN may spread regardless.

Therefore, the IPN virus is extremely hard to eradicate from aquaculture establishments, compared to e.g. the fish BKD (bacterial kidney disease), which only affects salmonids and is more susceptible to many disinfectants.

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