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Investment Offers Safety and Green benefits

SCOTLAND - Investing in an injection moulding system is bringing safety benefits to fish farms and an environmental plus to the industry

Oban-based equipment company Fusion Marine's says its self-draining, anti-slip modular plastic decking can be retro-fitted onto existing cages, by way of a unique mounting - made possible by it's recently commission injection moulding tool.

Also, the company's manufacturing technology is now allowing it to incorporate recycled materials into its products.

“The safety decking has been developed through close consultation with the fish farming industry. Fish farmers like the fact that it can be retro-fitted onto existing cages,” said Stephen Divers, managing director.

Investing in new technology is improving the safety features and green credentials of fish farming equipment.

The decking is standard on the company's Aquaflex 250 range of fish farm cages for trout and smolt. It is also fully compliant with all health and safety requirements. The equipment is widely used by fish farmers on freshwater and other sheltered sites and several operators have already opted to have the new decking fitted onto their existing cages.

The decking is light and flexible and secured onto the 250mm polyethylene (PE) flotation pipes. Once installed, it provides a convenient working platform that enhances operator safety.

A similar safety decking has also been developed for the extra large Triton cages designed for rearing salmon and tuna in exposed offshore conditions.

Green Responsibilities

Fusion Marine is also taking on environmental responsibilities. It is testing recycled plastics in the manufacture of its products - including material from redundant cages. The company is working closely with a number of fish farmers to ensure that as much of their old equipment is fully recycled or reused in many new installations.