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by The Fish Site
24 November 2006, at 12:00am

NETHERLANDS - Intervet International bv is dedicating its 2006 Christmas donation (in lieu of sending out Christmas and New Year cards) to four non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Four initiatives from different parts of the world have been selected. The first initiative, Aquaculture without Frontiers (AwF), is an independent non-profit organization that promotes and supports responsible and sustainable aquaculture and alleviation of poverty by improving livelihoods in developing countries. AwF does not seek to promote aquaculture in isolation, but as a component of integrated rural and coastal development plans, and of strategies to alleviate poverty (see for more details).

The other three NGOs aim to support disadvantaged communities in Africa or to taking care of orphaned animals. A South African-based non profit NGO initiative, Animal Aid for Africa (AAA), aims to uplift disadvantaged communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Focus is on delivering sustainable solutions to malnourishment and the spread of zoonotic diseases, by exchanging skills and knowledge between veterinarians.

The two other organizations are Sophianum explores South Africa, supported by the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs ( and, and Global Vets (, a programme at the Ontario Veterinary College that offers students a unique opportunity to investigate animal health care in developing countries. Global Vets was formed to promote international collaboration on animal health and welfare, agricultural development and ecosystem health.