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Intervet at the Second International Technical and Trade Conference

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Intervet was a silver sponsor of the Second International Technical and Trade Conference, which was held on 23-25 August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It attracted nearly 300 delegates representing all sectors of the tilapia industry from 39 countries around the world.

Cedric Komar, Neil Wendover and Joseph Ng from Intervet Norbio Singapore attended the conference.

The conference was organized by INFOFISH and several other co-organizers including Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific, Worldfish Center and the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia.

A total of 33 papers were presented by internationally renowned speakers in four main sessions which gave a remarkable update of the tilapia industry outlook.

Sessions covered global update on world supply, the tilapia production situation in various parts of the world, latest developments in various markets and technological developments in the industry. In this last session, Cedric Komar gave a talk on key infectious diseases in tilapia and the ways to prevent them.

An article related to this presentation will be soon published in the 50th edition of Global Aquaculture Advocate to be in press in November 2007. Presentations at the Tilapia 2007 conference including a full list of the delegates are available on sale in CD format. It is possible to order a copy of the CD at