Intervet Aquatic Animal Health at VIV ASIA 2007

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
1 March 2007, at 12:00am

BANGKOK - With the Asia-Pacific region being home to 90% of the world's aquaculture production, the slowing growth of wild capture production and high prices for fish have accelerated aquaculture production in the region, the growth species including tilapia, catfish, shrimp and marine species.

Therefore, this year, the organizers of VIV took the intuitive step of inviting the aquaculture industry to a large scale livestock arena. Indeed, Aquaculture was the special theme of VIV Asia 2007 held in Bangkok, Thailand in March. Fifty companies active in aquaculture were present. Among them, 11 companies were specially invited by VIV to exhibit at the new pavilion, the Aquaculture Walk. In addition to its 72 M2 vibrant booth for poultry and pigs, Intervet was a proud exhibitor in the Aquaculture Walk.

Brian Sheehan, Cedric Komar and Neil Wendover at the Intervet booth in the Aquaculture Walk

aquaculture forum was established at the pavilion itself and involved a series of seminars on aquaculture during which three interesting topics were presented by Intervet staff:

  • Norvax Strep Si: the first tailor-made vaccine for marine fish species (Dr.Cedric Komar)

  • Future challenges and strategies for sustainable health management of tilapia as a commodity crop (Neil Wendover)

  • The salmon story: an inspiration for the successful development of health management practices for Asian aquaculture (Dr. Brian Sheehan)

With a strong technical agenda at the Aquaculture Forum in 2007 and the rapidly growing aquaculture industry, the signs are encouraging that the aquaculture industry will be well represented again at VIV Asia 2009!