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Innovation Improves Livewell and Baitwell Design

US - While the sweltering mid-summer heat may not be enough to discourage avid fishermen from getting their lines in the water, the high temperatures can create distinct risks for the fish they catch.

Once caught fish have been placed into a livewell, their health and lifespan can deteriorate rapidly due to excessive heat, poor circulation, limited oxygen and harmful gases trapped in the water. NewPro Products has designed a powerful new livewell and baitwell ventilator that addresses all of these challenges to ensure the healthiest environment for fish.

Anglers that fish have a new tool to help keep their catches alive and well until they can be cleaned or released. NewPro Products has introduced its revolutionary V-T2 Livewell and Baitwell Ventilator, which works to maintain the ideal temperature and oxygen levels for fish and live bait.

The V-T2 is innovatively designed and employs a unique method of implementing natural processes to improve livewell conditions, which is different from other freshwater products and fishing livewells. It provides a fresh air flow that continually cools the water inside, dramatically increases the oxygen levels in the water and expels the damaging gases created by the metabolic waste of the fish. Industry standard livewells and baitwells feature no temperature control and typically only provide a trivial amount of ventilation.

"All fishermen experience difficulty keeping fish alive in the warm months of summer," explains Judy Tipton, Director of Research and Development for NewPro Products. "The V-T2 is the only product on the market today that improves livewell conditions by using nature's physical laws to cool livewell water, increase dissolved oxygen, and remove harmful CO2. The V-T2 creates a substantially more stable and natural livewell and baitwell environment."

The V-T2 has also been designed to require no maintenance and to ensure maximum ease of use. It operates without the need for battery power and each set of ventilators ships with marine fasteners and comprehensive installation instructions that require only a measuring tape, hand drill and hole saw.

"We understood that in order to have a positive impact on our fisheries, the V-T2 had to be affordable, easily retro-fitted to any style boat and had to work independently while fisherman fished," Tipton says.

The creators of the V-T2 recognized the need for more cleverly designed freshwater products and fishing livewells while participating in fishing tournaments. They noticed that their standard fisheries supply livewell was trapping a great deal of heat and gas which was killing some of their caught fish. Intensive research and development began in 2004 and continued until NewPro Products developed a system that was affordable, maintenance free and that provided a safe and healthy environment for live fish and bait.

To order or learn more about the V-T2 Livewell and Baitwell Ventilator and to see other freshwater products and fishing equipment from NewPro Products, please visit

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