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Industry Welcomes Maersk Policy

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NEW ZEALAND - The New Zealand Seafood industry has welcomed shipping company Maersk Line's commitment to refuse to transport illegally produced seafood.

Media statements made recently indicated Maersk would no longer transport some New Zealand fish species. However the company clarified its position today, saying it would continue to transport fish which complied with fisheries management regulations.

New Zealand Seafood Industry Council chief executive Owen Symmans said the industry "wholeheartedly endorsed" any move to prevent illegal fishing.

"The industry complies with fisheries regulations which have helped New Zealand become recognised as among the best managed fisheries in the world. Support from shipping companies to halt the global problem of trade in illegally caught fish helps us maintain that reputation."

However, dealing with illegal fishing was an entirely separate issue from responding to pressure from "environmental scaremongers who refuse to accept facts and are intent on perpetuating their negative mythologies about our industry."

"Our industry is a sustainable one and we have a litany of independently endorsed evidence to prove it. We look after the resource because it's in our best interests to do so.