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Huge Increase in Norway's Seafood Export Value

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NORWAY - Norway exported seafood to the value of NOK 5.7 billion in July 2015. This is an increase of NOK 729 million, or 15 per cent, compared with the same month in 2014. Year-to-date seafood exports currently stand at NOK 39.7 billion. An increase of NOK 2.2 billion.

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”Norway has never had a better July for seafood exports. We can point to the high market prices being achieved for some of our most important species. Salmon alone accounted for more than 40 per cent of the July increase, achieving good prices, in Norwegian kroner, even if the volumes remain the same as in July 2014. Together, cod, pollock, haddock and other ground fish represented NOK 147 million of the July totals. It is also important to point out that frozen cod, frozen Greenland halibut and clip fish are the fastest growing segments. Mackerel had a slow start to the year, but strong growth in July now places us on a par with the first seven months of 2014,” said Asbjørn Warvik Rørtveit, Director of Market Insights, with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Growth for salmon and trout

Salmon exports were worth NOK 3.8 billion in July. This is an increase of NOK 301 million or 9 per cent from July 2014. The price for fresh whole salmon also increased, from NOK 40.54 per kg to NOK 44.08 per kg. Volumes remained the same as last year at 81 900 tonnes for all types of salmon product. France, Poland and the UK were the biggest importers of Norwegian salmon in July.

Trout exports increased for the second month in a row, growing in July by 10 per cent to total NOK 213 million. Belarus was the biggest importer of Norwegian trout in July.

Large increases for both herring and mackerel

In July, exports of herring grew by NOK 49 million, or 36 per cent, to a total of NOK 185 million. The Netherlands was the largest export market for herring in July.

Mackerel increased sharply, by NOK 85 million, or 146 per cent, to reach NOK 143 million in July. The Netherlands was also the largest export market for mackerel in July.

Growth of clipfish

Clipfish exports increased by NOK 40 million, or 19 per cent, totalling NOK 251 million in July. Growth was equally divided between cod and pollock, with both species up by 18 per cent. Lange sales jumped significantly by 55 per cent. The primary cod clipfish market in July was Portugal, while Congo-Brazzaville was the biggest importer of saithe clipfish.

Growth for saltfish

Exports of salted fish, including fillets were up by NOK 8 million, or 29 per cent to a July total of NOK 36 million. Portugal remained our biggest market for salted fish with a total value of NOK 20 million for the month.

Growth for fresh and frozen cod

Exports of fresh cod, including fillets increased by NOK 10 million, or 19 per cent to a total of NOK 63 million in July. The EU was the destination for most of the codfish. Frozen cod exports increased by NOK 46 million or 34 per cent to total NOK 181 million. The EU is also the largest importer of frozen cod, with a market value of NOK 126 million.