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HQS Exhibiting 6th International Fisheries and Seafood Processing China Show

CHINA - HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries is to present the company's range of tilapia products at the 6th International Fisheries Seafood Processing Show.

Now in its 6th year, the annual International Fisheries and Seafood Processing China show, is organized by the China Fisheries Association and the Dalian Municipal Government. It attracts seafood buyers from around the world.

It takes place in Dalian from 5-7 June.

HQS is a leader in toxin-free integrated aquaculture and aquatic product processing with operations in Hainan, China.

It will be the only Chinese-based producer of organic tilapia and will present its organic line of products to Chinese and International buyers at the show.

HQ said that Chinese consumers have shown strong affinity to organic products and the company expects the development of new local markets from the show.

The company will also present its new range of organic, smoked fillets and unique "once frozen" flavored fillets. HQ's toxin free products provide taste, food safety and sustainability to the highest degree possible.

HQS' tilapia is produced on Hainan Island in China, an ecological haven where polluting heavy industry is not allowed and whose economy has been centred on tourism and food production.