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High Quality Prawns Down Under

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AUSTRALIA - The Australian Prawn Farmers Association hope consumers enjoy the diversity of Australias high quality prawn supply on their Christmas tables this year.

Association spokesman Scott Walter said consumers have a range of high quality Australian prawns to choose from including Australian Tiger Prawns, Crystal Bay Prawns and King Prawns, and each has its own unique qualities.

We are hoping to get a message out this Christmas for consumers to enjoy Australian prawns first and foremost, and to appreciate the differences between the types of Australian prawns available Mr Walter said.

Australian Tigers are a dark coloured prawn, with a rich flavour similar in taste and texture to mud crabs. They can be easily distinguished by the distinctive stripes along their shells

Crystal bay prawns are lighter in colour and texture and have a distinctive sweet taste. Their quality is extremely consistent and they are the only prawn available fresh in Australia for 52 weeks of the year.

King prawns are also a lighter coloured prawn, although they tend to be larger as they are caught by ocean trawlers. They have a rich, salty flavour and are best eaten fresh.

Mr Walter said prices will remain competitive for fresh Australian prawns as there are large volumes currently on the markets and consumers can expect to pay between $17.50 (medium) and $25.00 (large) per kilo.

Imported prawns should be labelled imported and dont be afraid to ask your retailer whether your prawns are Australian Mr Walter said.