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Haiti to Expand Aquaculture Operations

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HAITI - Due to its economic opportunities, aquaculture is growing rapidly in Haiti.

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Haiti has significant potential for aquaculture development and inland fisheries. After Cuba, Haiti is the Caribbean country that has the most inland resources, with 23,000 hectares of water bodies - almost half is composed of freshwater lakes and the other half by Lake Azuei (brackish pond, 11,500 hectares), reports HaitiLibre.

Thanks to various public and private investments, from 2011 to 2014, annual aquaculture production in Haiti, has increased from 200 tonnes (mt) to 550 mt.

The aim is to achieve in five years, 10,000 mt, almost 50 per cent of the needs of the Haitian population and to reduce all foreign currency imports.

Other aims consist of, developing a national network of fry production composed of four major hatcheries and thirty satellite centers of production, to move from a current production of 3.5 million/year to 40 million fry/year and to improve the conservation-processing system and the marketing of products of aquaculture and inland fisheries, through the installation of private and community centers of Products Processing.