GSA starts Certificate in Fisheries programme

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
31 July 2007, at 1:00am

GUYANA - The Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) will break new ground with the introduction of a Certificate in Fisheries programme from September. It will be the first time such a course is offered locally and with special emphasis on aquaculture.

The one-year course aims at equipping graduates with the management and practical skills necessary to get involved in fisheries as an income generating business, GSA Deputy Principal, Mr. Compton Hinds said.

Outlining the objectives, he said: “We are very mindful that the graduates we want to produce should be functional. The certificate holder must also be able to fit into the Fisheries Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.”

Hinds said there are many Guyanese in leading positions who are very optimistic about the role of aquaculture and the future of fish farming in Guyana. He said those people have repeatedly expressed interest in formal training in aquaculture and other areas of marine and inland fishing, and that prompted the GSA initiative.

He explained that, with its extensive coastline and inland waterways, Guyana has the potential to enhance its reputation as a supplier of quality marine produce at both domestic and export levels, with the deployment of adequately trained people.

He said, too, that the industry needs data collectors, processing plants and vessel quality control, among other things, which justify the GSA undertaking that is fully supportive of the Government agriculture diversification drive.

The undergraduates will have to study fisheries biology, marine and inland water biodiversity and global fisheries, as well as English Language, Mathematics and Physical Education.

Hinds also said a component termed ‘Special Project in Aquaculture and Fisheries’ will give students hands-on knowledge of the rearing, harvesting and exploitation of live aquatic species for commercial purposes.

Source: Guyana Chronicle